2024 Projections

ROS-Composite BOS RP8004.881.63640
ROS-Steamer BOS RP8005.311.53740
ROS-THE BAT X BOS RP6005.751.51430
ROS-ZiPS BOS RP52245.061.4940230
ROS-ATC BOS RP8015.521.53740
Composite BOS RP23125.091.431890
Steamer BOS RP17114.861.431470
ATC BOS RP26125.521.5320110
ZiPS BOS RP17114.921.461370
THE BAT BOS RP26125.711.4719100
THE BAT X BOS RP26125.711.4719100
2024 BOS RP4006.751.25420

Historical Stats

20241400 6.75 1.25420
2022103616 7.71 1.9329240
20212211496 4.74 1.4188460

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