2021 Projections

ROS-Composite ATL SP7014.391.43730
ROS-RotoChamp ATL SP7014.391.29730
Composite ATL SP1451084.031.32160640
RotoChamp ATL SP1751462.621.09196670
Steamer ATL SP138974.201.38152660
ATC ATL SP1441173.711.27159630
ZiPS ATL SP121964.151.37144630
ZiPSDC ATL SP1301064.151.37154680
THE BAT ATL SP129973.941.28138530
THE BAT X ATL SP129973.941.28138530
2020 ATL SP32321.961.0941140
2021 ATL SP128953.581.23124530

Historical Stats

20212412895 3.58 1.2312453 94.30
202063232 1.96 1.094114 94.10

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