2021 Projections

ROS-Composite CLE RP1004.252.00110
ROS-Steamer CLE RP1004.121.34100
ROS-THE BAT X CLE RP1004.501.44110
ROS-ZiPS CLE RP1004.431.44100
ROS-ATC CLE RP1005.511.55100
Composite CLE RP7005.141.43730
Steamer CLE RP8004.421.36730
RotoChamp CLE RP4006.751.00310
ZiPS CLE RP8004.691.43840
THE BAT CLE RP5004.821.50630
THE BAT X CLE RP5004.821.50630
2023 CLE RP16103.891.361690

Historical Stats

2023141610 3.89 1.36169 0
20224400 2.25 1.0041 0

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