2021 Projections

ROS-Composite CHC RP32224.131.3830120
ROS-Steamer CHC RP32224.121.3529120
ROS-THE BAT X CHC RP32114.941.4030110
ROS-ZiPS CHC RP43124.551.3841160
ROS-ATC CHC RP32114.401.3631120
Composite CHC RP50224.501.3645180
Steamer CHC RP54334.281.3647200
ATC CHC RP50224.521.3645180
RotoChamp CHC RP45224.401.3342160
ZiPS CHC RP54224.621.3851200
THE BAT CHC RP47114.611.3543170
THE BAT X CHC RP47114.611.3543170
2023 CHC RP23115.481.742590

Historical Stats

2023202311 5.48 1.74259 0
2022415431 3.99 1.295020 0
2021202800 7.05 1.533011 1

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