2024 Projections

ROS-Composite TB RP20113.751.352080
ROS-Steamer TB RP20113.721.282080
ROS-THE BAT X TB RP20114.101.332190
ROS-ZiPS TB RP52334.401.4047220
ROS-ATC TB RP19114.291.381980
Composite TB RP49324.221.3547190
Steamer TB RP57334.401.3648200
ATC TB RP42224.291.3843180
ZiPS TB RP57434.221.3450210
THE BAT TB RP48223.981.3054210
THE BAT X TB RP48223.981.3054210
2024 TB RP10005.402.3011100

Historical Stats

202441000 5.40 2.3011100
2020111700 8.37 2.091690
2019167855 4.38 1.3363290

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