2021 Projections

ROS-Composite MIN SP39223.891.2338120
ROS-Steamer MIN SP39223.821.2440130
ROS-THE BAT X MIN SP39114.071.2538120
ROS-ZiPS MIN SP53454.311.2650170
ROS-ATC MIN SP39234.171.2538120
Composite MIN SP67344.301.2764210
Steamer MIN SP70334.091.2768220
ATC MIN SP66444.191.2364200
RotoChamp MIN SP75444.201.1775220
ZiPS MIN SP70464.651.2864220
THE BAT MIN SP65324.021.2361190
THE BAT X MIN SP65324.021.2361190
2023 MIN SP25364.301.352890

Historical Stats

2023272536 4.30 1.35289 0
2022657274 3.37 1.057820 1
2021188245 6.37 1.356529 0

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