2024 Projections

ROS-Composite TB RP30223.781.3331130
ROS-Steamer TB RP30213.551.3130130
ROS-THE BAT X TB RP19113.891.342090
ROS-ZiPS TB RP33324.111.3334140
ROS-ATC TB RP30214.001.3632140
Composite TB RP36224.001.3638170
Steamer TB RP44223.891.3644200
ATC TB RP32224.001.3633140
ZiPS TB RP44334.231.3347190
THE BAT TB RP31113.791.3335160
THE BAT X TB RP31113.791.3335160
2024 TB RP9112.931.63940

Historical Stats

20249911 2.93 1.63940
2022141320 3.41 1.44894
2021201733 6.28 1.7416121

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