2021 Projections

ROS-Composite DET SP71354.731.3465220
ROS-Steamer DET SP75454.521.3068230
ROS-THE BAT X DET SP69365.201.3564220
ROS-ZiPS DET SP46244.981.3443130
ROS-ATC DET SP67364.821.3358220
Composite DET SP23114.701.392180
Steamer DET SP13114.311.331250
ATC DET SP30124.621.3927110
RotoChamp DET SP29224.661.6224130
ZiPS DET SP13114.911.371240
THE BAT DET SP27114.801.322590
THE BAT X DET SP27114.801.322590
2023 DET SP26135.540.922620

Historical Stats

202352613 5.54 0.92262 0
2022125315 5.58 1.654425 0

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