2021 Projections

ROS-Composite PIT SP4016.501.50320
ROS-Steamer PIT SP4004.811.47320
ROS-THE BAT X PIT SP5005.471.51420
ROS-ZiPS PIT SP3005.041.61210
ROS-ATC PIT SP4004.881.46420
Composite PIT SP32124.501.4730160
Steamer PIT SP34224.491.4232150
ATC PIT SP32124.591.4830170
RotoChamp PIT SP27113.001.3724110
ZiPS PIT SP34224.821.5531190
THE BAT PIT SP29114.571.4329150
THE BAT X PIT SP29114.571.4329150
2023 PIT SP57135.361.2655210

Historical Stats

2023185713 5.36 1.265521 2
20224900 1.96 1.4194 1
202131101 2.41 1.43106 1

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