2021 Projections

ROS-Composite CWS SP27124.771.4425130
ROS-Steamer CWS SP27114.741.5224140
ROS-THE BAT X CWS SP26114.331.322490
ROS-ZiPS CWS SP26125.511.5726140
ROS-ATC CWS SP27114.631.4624130
Composite CWS SP18114.501.391780
Steamer CWS SP20114.551.4618100
ATC CWS SP17114.601.441680
RotoChamp CWS SP16114.501.811190
ZiPS CWS SP20115.351.5620110
THE BAT CWS SP16103.721.221650
THE BAT X CWS SP16103.721.221650
2023 CWS SP2009.002.00200

Historical Stats

20231200 9.00 2.0020 0
20221100 7.50 3.3312 0

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