2021 Projections

ROS-Composite MIN SP7013.681.14820
ROS-Steamer MIN SP7004.691.25820
ROS-THE BAT X MIN SP11004.181.161330
ROS-ZiPS MIN SP7004.141.11720
ROS-ATC MIN SP7004.041.15820
Composite MIN SP16211104.001.17164480
Steamer MIN SP16610104.181.22172500
ATC MIN SP1621193.951.15164470
RotoChamp MIN SP1611083.861.08165500
ZiPS MIN SP1561293.901.13157460
THE BAT MIN SP16211113.961.15161480
THE BAT X MIN SP16211113.961.15161480
2023 MIN SP15010104.311.15181330

Historical Stats

2023271501010 4.31 1.1518133 0
202227147138 3.55 1.1015147 0
202152621 4.12 0.80305 0

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