2021 Projections

ROS-Composite KAN SP79364.641.4668300
ROS-Steamer KAN SP83564.361.3671310
ROS-THE BAT X KAN SP86475.481.5171330
ROS-ZiPS KAN SP65354.731.4559240
ROS-ATC KAN SP80354.751.4369300
Composite KAN SP76454.741.4365280
Steamer KAN SP68454.351.3758250
ATC KAN SP70354.751.4360270
RotoChamp KAN SP77354.681.5870310
ZiPS KAN SP61344.691.4355220
THE BAT KAN SP93475.101.4876350
THE BAT X KAN SP93475.101.4876350
2023 KAN SP10014.461.491340

Historical Stats

202321001 4.46 1.49134 0
202227131413 5.14 1.5812252 0
2021156846 5.69 1.635531 0

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