2021 Projections

ROS-Composite MIA SP19114.201.421360
ROS-Steamer MIA SP19114.251.361350
ROS-THE BAT X MIA SP22114.611.361670
ROS-ZiPS MIA SP64254.921.4337190
ROS-ATC MIA SP20114.541.411360
Composite MIA SP7006.431.43520
Steamer MIA SP1004.561.42100
ATC MIA SP7005.141.45420
RotoChamp MIA SP12017.501.75640
THE BAT MIA SP7004.611.37520
THE BAT X MIA SP7004.611.37520
2023 MIA SP22013.271.411790

Historical Stats

2023132201 3.27 1.41179 0
202281211 12.54 1.9765 0

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