2021 Projections

ROS-Composite KAN RP31224.411.4529140
ROS-Steamer KAN RP31124.121.3829140
ROS-THE BAT X KAN RP30114.951.4929140
ROS-ZiPS KAN RP51254.901.4848230
ROS-ATC KAN RP31124.631.5029150
Composite KAN RP26124.501.4625120
Steamer KAN RP24114.081.3523100
ATC KAN RP27124.621.4725120
RotoChamp KAN RP20115.852.2020130
ZiPS KAN RP24124.871.4722110
THE BAT KAN RP26114.661.4426120
THE BAT X KAN RP26114.661.4426120
2023 KAN RP4000.000.73520

Historical Stats

20232400 0.00 0.7352 0
202271500 10.07 2.501711 0
202193006 11.36 2.092920 0

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