2021 Projections

ROS-Composite CIN SP46323.251.1764210
ROS-Steamer CIN SP46223.641.2563230
ROS-THE BAT X CIN SP46213.641.1764190
ROS-ZiPS CIN SP43423.211.1160200
ROS-ATC CIN SP46323.331.1763210
Composite CIN SP68433.841.2485310
Steamer CIN SP68334.161.3383330
ATC CIN SP70443.591.2488330
RotoChamp CIN SP63523.140.9881320
ZiPS CIN SP68643.671.1686320
THE BAT CIN SP66223.821.2182270
THE BAT X CIN SP66223.821.2182270
2023 CIN SP20111.780.8940100

Historical Stats

2023212011 1.78 0.894010 12
2022596373 1.85 0.978333 10

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