2021 Projections

ROS-Composite CHC SP41234.401.4433160
ROS-Steamer CHC SP42224.481.3834160
ROS-THE BAT X CHC SP50224.881.4341200
ROS-ZiPS CHC SP73344.851.4658290
ROS-ATC CHC SP41234.631.4032160
Composite CHC SP70344.631.4056260
Steamer CHC SP102564.421.3582350
ATC CHC SP57234.461.3946220
RotoChamp CHC SP66354.501.4753340
ZiPS CHC SP97454.731.4378370
THE BAT CHC SP53234.751.4143200
THE BAT X CHC SP53234.751.4143200
2023 CHC SP21025.091.461590

Historical Stats

202372102 5.09 1.46159 0
202293722 3.15 1.483020 0

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