2021 Projections

ROS-Composite SD 3B610100.3330.4290.5000.92912
ROS-Steamer SD 3B710100.2310.2970.2860.58312
ROS-THE BAT X SD 3B510100.2510.3040.2000.50401
ROS-ZiPS SD 3B1120200.2340.3000.3640.66413
ROS-ATC SD 3B610100.2580.3170.5000.81712
Composite SD 3B2130210.2380.3330.2860.61925
Steamer SD 3B1220100.2330.2980.3330.63113
ATC SD 3B2530300.2350.2920.2800.57227
RotoChamp SD 3B4000000.2000.3330.2000.533816
ZiPS SD 3B1320200.2330.3010.3080.60913
THE BAT SD 3B2630310.2350.2900.2690.55927
THE BAT X SD 3B2630310.2350.2900.2690.55927
2023 SD 3B3252600.2500.2500.5310.781011

Historical Stats

20239325260 0.250 0.250 0.531 0.781011
2022750000 0.200 0.333 0.200 0.53312

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