2021 Projections

ROS-Composite ARI RP26114.101.4228130
ROS-Steamer ARI RP26113.941.3728130
ROS-THE BAT X ARI RP28114.061.3531130
ROS-ZiPS ARI RP45234.371.4548230
ROS-ATC ARI RP26114.991.4528140
Composite ARI RP24114.121.3825110
Steamer ARI RP26113.931.3527120
ATC ARI RP24114.221.3925110
RotoChamp ARI RP31225.232.1325280
ZiPS ARI RP26224.171.4028130
THE BAT ARI RP23113.821.3025100
THE BAT X ARI RP23113.821.3025100
2023 ARI RP60011.612.74870

Historical Stats

20235600 11.61 2.7487 0
2022151711 10.59 2.351417 0
20213300 2.90 2.2635 0

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