2021 Projections

ROS-Composite OAK SP24213.671.3829140
ROS-Steamer OAK SP24113.931.3628130
ROS-THE BAT X OAK SP22113.631.3026130
ROS-ZiPS OAK SP30223.741.3639180
ROS-ATC OAK SP24113.791.3729140
Composite OAK SP56333.701.3269320
Steamer OAK SP60333.781.3370310
ATC OAK SP53333.581.3566320
RotoChamp OAK SP59422.901.2580380
ZiPS OAK SP60443.851.3777360
THE BAT OAK SP54223.351.2566310
THE BAT X OAK SP54223.351.2566310
2023 OAK SP18212.501.5623100

Historical Stats

2023191821 2.50 1.562310 1
2022544823 3.00 1.276733 3

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