2024 Projections

ROS-Composite LAA SP85554.011.3686400
ROS-Steamer LAA SP75453.901.3874340
ROS-THE BAT X LAA SP62444.161.3657270
ROS-ZiPS LAA SP49334.301.3653240
ROS-ATC LAA SP74454.091.3979380
Composite LAA SP68333.971.3778350
Steamer LAA SP72444.011.3879360
ATC LAA SP63344.081.4072330
ZiPS LAA SP63334.291.3579340
THE BAT LAA SP70323.901.3575360
THE BAT X LAA SP70323.901.3575360
2024 LAA SP72453.501.1860280

Historical Stats

2024147245 3.50 1.1860280
2023384213 3.64 1.3356230

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