2021 Projections

ROS-Composite ARI SP85464.641.3569290
ROS-Steamer ARI SP88564.621.3672310
ROS-THE BAT X ARI SP83565.131.3963280
ROS-ZiPS ARI SP94454.211.3082310
ROS-ATC ARI SP85554.581.3669300
Composite ARI SP99564.361.3185330
Steamer ARI SP110674.611.3592380
ATC ARI SP100564.421.3087340
RotoChamp ARI SP102653.710.8987320
ZiPS ARI SP101564.041.2893340
THE BAT ARI SP92574.641.3175300
THE BAT X ARI SP92574.641.3175300
2023 ARI SP52125.021.3736150

Historical Stats

2023105212 5.02 1.373615 0
202231811 1.49 0.83166 0

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