2021 Projections

ROS-Composite STL SP6014.751.17520
ROS-Steamer STL SP6003.901.29520
ROS-THE BAT X STL SP10004.161.37940
ROS-ZiPS STL SP7103.891.29620
ROS-ATC STL SP5004.851.42420
Composite STL SP66444.361.3353230
Steamer STL SP76554.221.3460280
ATC STL SP61344.411.3348210
RotoChamp STL SP63344.711.7151310
ZiPS STL SP74553.821.2664250
THE BAT STL SP61444.781.3947200
THE BAT X STL SP61444.781.3947200
2023 STL SP57355.371.5343240

Historical Stats

2023175735 5.37 1.534324 0
202293422 6.05 1.752818 0

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