2024 Projections

ROS-Composite STL RP29224.011.4520120
ROS-Steamer STL RP29113.871.4421120
ROS-THE BAT X STL RP18114.011.381170
ROS-ZiPS STL RP53224.361.4736220
ROS-ATC STL RP29214.011.4421120
Composite STL RP60323.901.4243241
Steamer STL RP60333.761.4046241
ATC STL RP61324.011.4444240
ZiPS STL RP60324.251.4541241
THE BAT STL RP59223.911.3840231
THE BAT X STL RP59223.911.3840231
2024 STL RP10016.301.90650

Historical Stats

202491001 6.30 1.90650
2023626841 4.76 1.5643300
20224710865 3.17 1.4273400

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