2024 Projections

ROS-Composite TOR RP36224.561.2835130
ROS-Steamer TOR RP37224.061.2236120
ROS-THE BAT X TOR RP31124.541.2832120
ROS-ZiPS TOR RP57444.561.3156210
ROS-ATC TOR RP37224.311.2335120
Composite TOR RP68344.501.2866240
Steamer TOR RP65344.501.2761220
ATC TOR RP72444.311.2370230
ZiPS TOR RP58334.311.2756210
THE BAT TOR RP70344.711.2972270
THE BAT X TOR RP70344.711.2972270
2024 TOR RP14228.871.761770

Historical Stats

202451422 8.87 1.761770
2023203610 1.75 0.833581
20221000 0.00 5.00100

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