2021 Projections

ROS-Composite ARI SP82275.021.4663340
ROS-Steamer ARI SP86464.821.4765370
ROS-THE BAT X ARI SP78465.741.5458330
ROS-ZiPS ARI SP85454.521.4370350
ROS-ATC ARI SP79464.951.4459330
Composite ARI SP41234.391.3935160
Steamer ARI SP47234.341.3940180
ATC ARI SP38234.641.3831150
RotoChamp ARI SP47155.361.4336200
ZiPS ARI SP45224.191.3839180
THE BAT ARI SP39234.751.4133150
THE BAT X ARI SP39234.751.4133150
2023 ARI SP34214.501.3818140

Historical Stats

202373421 4.50 1.381814 0
202294734 5.36 1.453621 0

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