2024 Projections

ROS-Composite SEA RP23114.821.5218110
ROS-Steamer SEA RP23114.331.4518100
ROS-THE BAT X SEA RP15114.481.391360
ROS-ZiPS SEA RP33125.041.5425170
ROS-ATC SEA RP23115.151.5816120
Composite SEA RP25115.041.5219120
Steamer SEA RP28114.691.5121130
ATC SEA RP25115.151.5818130
ZiPS SEA RP28115.021.5321140
THE BAT SEA RP21114.831.451690
THE BAT X SEA RP21114.831.451690
2024 SEA RP3006.001.33210

Historical Stats

20243300 6.00 1.33210
2023202000 4.93 1.8411131
2022423442 6.60 1.6122150

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