2021 Projections

ROS-Composite BOS SP98654.021.2691250
ROS-Steamer BOS SP89554.291.2881250
ROS-THE BAT X BOS SP81564.691.3170200
ROS-ZiPS BOS SP53423.851.1753120
ROS-ATC BOS SP92654.031.2286230
Composite BOS SP122873.841.20119310
Steamer BOS SP127884.041.26122360
ATC BOS SP111763.771.19108280
RotoChamp BOS SP1291053.141.05136260
ZiPS BOS SP1611063.441.13166370
THE BAT BOS SP110773.961.23104280
THE BAT X BOS SP110773.961.23104280
2023 BOS SP21225.141.191530

Historical Stats

202342122 5.14 1.19153 0
2022317842 3.46 1.028215 6
2021467384 1.97 1.118117 95.12

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