2024 Projections

ROS-Composite MIA RP38224.091.5037181
ROS-Steamer MIA RP38224.141.3936161
ROS-THE BAT X MIA RP27114.751.4626121
ROS-ZiPS MIA RP31124.401.5431160
ROS-ATC MIA RP38224.951.5038181
Composite MIA RP22114.501.4521100
Steamer MIA RP19114.331.401880
ATC MIA RP23124.951.5023110
ZiPS MIA RP19114.781.5719100
THE BAT MIA RP24114.691.4323110
THE BAT X MIA RP24114.691.4323110
2024 MIA RP19113.301.362280

Historical Stats

2024171911 3.30 1.362280
2023172511 7.14 1.7125120
2022222123 5.55 1.7121101

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