2021 Projections

ROS-Composite NYY RP42223.681.2152191
ROS-Steamer NYY RP42223.921.3050201
ROS-THE BAT X NYY RP43213.661.2051181
ROS-ZiPS NYY RP37213.571.2250180
ROS-ATC NYY RP42213.411.2051191
Composite NYY RP57223.471.2171251
Steamer NYY RP62333.851.2873281
ATC NYY RP56213.351.1969252
RotoChamp NYY RP57333.001.0570290
ZiPS NYY RP62203.431.1984301
THE BAT NYY RP53213.471.1665211
THE BAT X NYY RP53213.471.1665211
2023 NYY RP27224.001.1134131

Historical Stats

2023252722 4.00 1.113413 1
2022404410 2.05 1.055624 0

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