2021 Projections

ROS-Composite BOS RP2002.751.50210
ROS-Steamer BOS RP2004.291.41110
ROS-THE BAT X BOS RP2004.091.32210
ROS-ZiPS BOS RP1004.411.42110
ROS-ATC BOS RP2004.091.33210
Composite BOS RP38224.031.3440160
Steamer BOS RP56334.121.3656230
ATC BOS RP31224.091.3432130
RotoChamp BOS RP30224.201.372490
ZiPS BOS RP56544.321.3761250
THE BAT BOS RP28113.651.2430110
THE BAT X BOS RP28113.651.2430110
2023 BOS RP8003.331.48660

Historical Stats

20237800 3.33 1.4866 0
2022131310 4.09 1.36114 0

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