2021 Projections

ROS-Composite BOS SP87553.971.3983330
ROS-Steamer BOS SP90654.011.3685340
ROS-THE BAT X BOS SP90564.821.4477320
ROS-ZiPS BOS SP89764.261.3793340
ROS-ATC BOS SP87664.151.3483330
Composite BOS SP105774.031.35102390
Steamer BOS SP113773.861.33110420
ATC BOS SP104784.031.32100390
RotoChamp BOS SP107842.941.76101490
ZiPS BOS SP105973.991.35109400
THE BAT BOS SP102674.201.3792360
THE BAT X BOS SP102674.201.3792360
2023 BOS SP35324.101.4537120

Historical Stats

202373532 4.10 1.453712 0
2022135728 4.73 1.795527 0

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