2021 Projections

ROS-Composite BAL SP93564.371.3885350
ROS-Steamer BAL SP100664.191.3292360
ROS-THE BAT X BAL SP92575.031.4479350
ROS-ZiPS BAL SP77354.701.4074310
ROS-ATC BAL SP94554.251.3086340
Composite BAL SP137794.341.34129510
Steamer BAL SP146994.111.31136520
ATC BAL SP137784.211.30126500
RotoChamp BAL SP136874.301.40128530
ZiPS BAL SP125594.691.40124520
THE BAT BAL SP1389104.421.35126500
THE BAT X BAL SP1389104.421.35126500
2023 BAL SP44213.891.3036140

Historical Stats

202394421 3.89 1.303614 0
20222311747 4.91 1.4111146 0

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