2024 Projections

ROS-Composite KAN RP23114.601.4822120
ROS-Steamer KAN RP23114.301.4721120
ROS-THE BAT X KAN RP16114.051.331470
ROS-ZiPS KAN RP27125.331.6228170
ROS-ATC KAN RP23114.391.5023120
Composite KAN RP22114.501.4523120
Steamer KAN RP19114.021.4120100
ATC KAN RP21114.391.5022120
ZiPS KAN RP19014.841.5120110
THE BAT KAN RP25113.891.2825110
THE BAT X KAN RP25113.891.2825110
2024 KAN RP3006.001.33020

Historical Stats

20242300 6.00 1.33020
2023212422 9.00 1.8330150

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