2021 Projections

ROS-Composite ARI SP55333.941.3550200
ROS-Steamer ARI SP55333.931.3150200
ROS-THE BAT X ARI SP65334.461.3660240
ROS-ZiPS ARI SP76554.281.3370270
ROS-ATC ARI SP54334.291.3249190
Composite ARI SP80554.161.3370260
Steamer ARI SP88553.911.2978270
ATC ARI SP78554.191.3069250
RotoChamp ARI SP80633.151.1477230
ZiPS ARI SP85664.041.2877280
THE BAT ARI SP75464.731.3860240
THE BAT X ARI SP75464.731.3860240
2023 ARI SP24213.381.5823140

Historical Stats

202382421 3.38 1.582314 1
202242430 1.49 1.12247 0

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