2024 Projections

ROS-Composite TB RP42223.461.1938112
ROS-Steamer TB RP42223.661.2338122
ROS-THE BAT X TB RP31213.261.102772
ROS-ZiPS TB RP43223.851.133990
ROS-ATC TB RP42223.831.2138122
Composite TB RP41223.731.2036110
Steamer TB RP35224.111.3130110
ATC TB RP43223.831.2138120
ZiPS TB RP35223.611.133290
THE BAT TB RP44213.351.1338110
THE BAT X TB RP44213.351.1338110
2024 TB RP20104.031.091911

Historical Stats

2024172010 4.03 1.091911
2023576752 3.09 1.0156151

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