2021 Projections

Composite STL RF486631260100.2450.3090.3810.69036133
Steamer STL RF46556135780.2480.3050.3940.69935126
RotoChamp STL RF469631260110.2410.3050.3800.68535130
ATC STL RF472621357120.2530.3120.3980.71037128
ZiPS STL RF522751374120.2370.2990.3770.67640148
THE BAT STL RF46456105280.2470.3010.3730.67431125
THE BAT X STL RF46456105280.2470.3010.3730.67431125
2023 STL RF39447164870.2740.3440.4470.79137101

Historical Stats

20231113944716487 0.274 0.344 0.447 0.79137101

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