2021 Projections

ROS-Composite ATL SP10104.151.40840
ROS-Steamer ATL SP10114.601.44840
ROS-THE BAT X ATL SP11003.771.24830
ROS-ZiPS ATL SP10104.111.35840
ROS-ATC ATL SP10104.251.30840
Composite ATL SP40224.051.3336150
Steamer ATL SP35223.881.3232110
ATC ATL SP42233.931.3137160
RotoChamp ATL SP39313.691.2333160
ZiPS ATL SP35223.971.3332140
THE BAT ATL SP43323.891.2838160
THE BAT X ATL SP43323.891.2838160
2023 ATL SP1711243.631.24126590

Historical Stats

202330171124 3.63 1.2412659 0
2022105424 3.17 1.244723 0

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