2024 Projections

ROS-Composite ATL SP28124.071.3623100
ROS-Steamer ATL SP35224.351.3929120
ROS-THE BAT X ATL SP25214.611.352080
ROS-ZiPS ATL SP51324.341.3641190
ROS-ATC ATL SP28214.301.3622100
Composite ATL SP96654.411.3676340
Steamer ATL SP113764.561.4391400
ATC ATL SP87544.391.3668320
ZiPS ATL SP109644.221.3590410
THE BAT ATL SP89654.501.3368300
THE BAT X ATL SP89654.501.3368300
2024 ATL SP39146.431.6633140

Historical Stats

202483914 6.43 1.6633140
202331174124 3.82 1.28128630
2022105424 3.17 1.2447230

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