2024 Projections

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ROS-Composite LAD DH21742164390.2860.3780.5850.9633258
ROS-THE BAT X LAD DH224471745100.2950.3860.5980.9843258
ROS-ZiPS LAD DH20638154490.2780.3730.5730.9463057
ROS-ATC LAD DH21442164180.2920.3920.6070.9993559
Composite LAD DH52910238106200.2740.3750.5580.93384150
Steamer LAD DH57011339105200.2720.3750.5440.91992167
ATC LAD DH5151013898190.2790.3840.5730.95785147
ZiPS LAD DH5599640129180.2590.3590.5440.90385158
THE BAT LAD DH51610839103220.2910.3910.5890.98082138
THE BAT X LAD DH51710638102240.2880.3870.5780.96582140
2024 LAD DH389783073240.3140.4000.6321.03255102

Historical Stats

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20249938978307324 0.314 0.400 0.632 1.03255102
2023135497102449520 0.304 0.412 0.654 1.06691143
202215758690349511 0.273 0.356 0.519 0.87572161
20211555371034610026 0.257 0.372 0.592 0.96596189
202044153237247 0.190 0.291 0.366 0.6572250
201910638451186212 0.286 0.343 0.505 0.84833110
201810432659226110 0.285 0.361 0.564 0.92537102

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