2021 Projections

ROS-Composite TOR RP28224.001.3630142
ROS-RotoChamp TOR RP28224.181.4329150
Composite TOR RP62434.211.3967297
RotoChamp TOR RP60333.001.1866283
Steamer TOR RP62334.331.3767287
ATC TOR RP64433.601.3571318
ZiPS TOR RP51533.501.2956226
ZiPSDC TOR RP65643.451.2971287
THE BAT TOR RP62325.331.6064367
THE BAT X TOR RP62325.331.6064367
2020 TOR RP24221.501.2531145
2021 TOR RP21135.141.5725173

Historical Stats

2021262113 5.14 1.572517 94.33
2020242422 1.50 1.253114 94.35

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