2024 Projections

ROS-Composite CHC RP43224.041.3744191
ROS-Steamer CHC RP43224.121.3841191
ROS-THE BAT X CHC RP30214.251.3630131
ROS-ZiPS CHC RP39224.281.3643170
ROS-ATC CHC RP43224.261.4443201
Composite CHC RP54334.331.4154250
Steamer CHC RP56334.231.4053250
ATC CHC RP53334.261.4453250
ZiPS CHC RP56334.271.3562250
THE BAT CHC RP52224.361.3851240
THE BAT X CHC RP52224.361.3851240
2024 CHC RP11006.431.611250

Historical Stats

202481100 6.43 1.611250
2023726532 4.01 1.5171351
2022473742 3.63 1.6934241

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