2021 Projections

ROS-Composite MIA RP46333.881.3751222
ROS-Steamer MIA RP46223.551.2950202
ROS-THE BAT X MIA RP46214.681.4449252
ROS-ZiPS MIA RP48113.611.3356230
ROS-ATC MIA RP46213.751.3352202
Composite MIA RP49224.041.3754240
Steamer MIA RP53333.651.2958230
ATC MIA RP47223.821.3352220
RotoChamp MIA RP46333.721.4355280
ZiPS MIA RP53223.771.3463270
THE BAT MIA RP46224.781.4648250
THE BAT X MIA RP46224.781.4648250
2023 MIA RP26014.121.5630110

Historical Stats

2023232601 4.12 1.563011 0
2022273211 3.09 1.474021 0

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