2021 Projections

ROS-Composite CHC SP2009.251.50210
ROS-Steamer CHC SP2004.451.39210
ROS-THE BAT X CHC SP2004.721.35210
ROS-ZiPS CHC SP4004.281.37320
ROS-ATC CHC SP2004.481.42210
Composite CHC SP67444.161.3165250
Steamer CHC SP76444.071.3076280
ATC CHC SP62334.101.3360240
RotoChamp CHC SP71354.311.3067280
ZiPS CHC SP78554.221.3173290
THE BAT CHC SP63334.291.3160240
THE BAT X CHC SP63334.291.3160240
2023 CHC SP28224.791.3826190

Historical Stats

2023192822 4.79 1.382619 1
202229115105 3.76 1.2710843 1
2021325333 3.39 1.495531 1

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