2024 Projections

ROS-Composite DET RP23114.081.302280
ROS-Steamer DET RP24113.871.252480
ROS-THE BAT X DET RP15114.511.281450
ROS-ZiPS DET RP30124.661.3328100
ROS-ATC DET RP23114.291.272170
Composite DET RP54234.331.2652170
Steamer DET RP57334.121.2557170
ATC DET RP55234.371.2553180
ZiPS DET RP55334.511.2851170
THE BAT DET RP52224.531.2650180
THE BAT X DET RP52224.531.2650180
2024 DET RP45513.381.2441190

Historical Stats

2024294551 3.38 1.2441190
2023156425 4.49 1.0658200
2022125315 5.58 1.6544250

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