2024 Projections

ROS-Composite HOU RP37223.951.3234140
ROS-Steamer HOU RP37223.921.3533140
ROS-THE BAT X HOU RP26213.711.272390
ROS-ZiPS HOU RP30114.271.3727110
ROS-ATC HOU RP37214.011.2837140
Composite HOU RP41213.951.3240160
Steamer HOU RP54323.911.3352210
ATC HOU RP37214.011.2837140
ZiPS HOU RP54224.211.3453210
THE BAT HOU RP33113.591.2533130
THE BAT X HOU RP33113.591.2533130
2024 HOU RP9005.001.33240

Historical Stats

20247900 5.00 1.33240
2023141400 5.70 1.621540
20227700 3.80 1.13830

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