2021 Projections

ROS-Composite OAK SP34223.991.3230110
ROS-Steamer OAK SP34224.081.3029110
ROS-THE BAT X OAK SP41124.751.3637140
ROS-ZiPS OAK SP73454.291.3264250
ROS-ATC OAK SP33124.441.3129110
Composite OAK SP50334.141.2843160
Steamer OAK SP48233.941.2741150
ATC OAK SP51334.301.2944170
RotoChamp OAK SP57245.051.5352190
ZiPS OAK SP47334.201.3041160
THE BAT OAK SP52234.391.3046170
THE BAT X OAK SP52234.391.3046170
2023 OAK SP23005.821.422080

Historical Stats

2023112300 5.82 1.42208 0
2022125746 6.29 1.545319 0

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