2021 Projections

ROS-Composite PHI SP52244.601.2743130
ROS-Steamer PHI SP52334.301.2544130
ROS-THE BAT X PHI SP52334.771.3240130
ROS-ZiPS PHI SP69454.381.2361160
ROS-ATC PHI SP52334.381.2443120
Composite PHI SP119774.311.24108290
Steamer PHI SP123784.311.24112310
ATC PHI SP122864.301.22109280
RotoChamp PHI SP116674.341.22103230
ZiPS PHI SP118864.181.20111280
THE BAT PHI SP116674.331.24102280
THE BAT X PHI SP116674.331.24102280
2023 PHI SP40075.161.452880

Historical Stats

202384007 5.16 1.45288 0
2022208464 3.86 1.217417 0
2021223321 5.69 1.20346 92.00

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