2021 Projections

ROS-Composite COL RP0000.000.00000
ROS-Steamer COL RP1005.481.60100
ROS-THE BAT X COL RP1005.211.60110
ROS-ZiPS COL RP0004.511.45000
ROS-ATC COL RP0004.981.48000
Composite COL RP55324.751.4757271
Steamer COL RP56334.591.4956261
ATC COL RP55325.041.4658271
RotoChamp COL RP56333.381.6662320
ZiPS COL RP56334.671.4761301
THE BAT COL RP55224.541.4956261
THE BAT X COL RP55224.541.4956261
2023 COL RP75473.721.35783611

Historical Stats

2023697547 3.72 1.357836 11
2022384231 5.76 1.564822 1
2021191610 8.89 2.471719 0

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