2021 Projections

ROS-Composite STL SP21114.061.431570
ROS-Steamer STL SP21114.031.361570
ROS-THE BAT X STL SP20114.711.431770
ROS-ZiPS STL SP41224.371.3927140
ROS-ATC STL SP21114.371.421470
Composite STL SP9005.001.44830
Steamer STL SP1004.161.38100
ATC STL SP9004.811.42730
RotoChamp STL SP9014.001.11520
THE BAT STL SP9004.701.43730
THE BAT X STL SP9004.701.43730
2023 STL SP4004.392.68130

Historical Stats

20233400 4.39 2.6813 0
20227900 5.00 1.1152 0

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