2021 Projections

Composite WAS OF54711538119130.3020.4230.5831.006114117
RotoChamp WAS OF53011235108120.3020.4250.5771.002113120
Steamer WAS OF52610939114120.3010.4260.5911.017114114
ATC WAS OF53811039112140.3030.4260.5931.019113115
ZiPS WAS OF52812237141160.3050.4200.5951.015105107
THE BAT WAS OF57511438111110.3010.4200.5700.990118122
THE BAT X WAS OF57711439110110.2980.4160.5720.988116125
2020 WAS OF15439133760.3510.4900.6951.1854128

Historical Stats

2020471543913376 0.351 0.490 0.695 1.1854128
20191505421103411012 0.282 0.401 0.548 0.949108132
20181164147722705 0.292 0.406 0.517 0.9237999

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