2021 Projections

ROS-Composite MIA SP83544.211.3593410
ROS-Steamer MIA SP90663.901.34102440
ROS-THE BAT X MIA SP91564.581.3898440
ROS-ZiPS MIA SP70364.381.3481360
ROS-ATC MIA SP86564.011.3095400
Composite MIA SP123794.171.32130540
Steamer MIA SP132894.091.33138570
ATC MIA SP123783.991.28129530
RotoChamp MIA SP119584.541.18124580
ZiPS MIA SP108694.231.28119490
THE BAT MIA SP126794.371.34130550
THE BAT X MIA SP126794.371.34130550
2023 MIA SP52345.021.5066350

Historical Stats

2023115234 5.02 1.506635 0
2022147164 3.03 1.087533 0
202172603 5.86 1.652819 0

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